Educational Materials

The Foundation can provide quantities of the following general educational materials

a. BROCHURES (free) - download below or contact us for copies

Please contact the office on 08 9227 4237 or  for supplies.


Small quantities of  water bottles may be donated however larger quantities may be charged at cost price of $2.50 each

c. EDUCATIONAL DVD's - 3 available.

  • For parents and carers of young children. Fighting Meningococcal Disease
  • For high school students and young adults.  Don't Catch the Killer - also available on youtube

Warning  - this video contains scenes that may upset younger viewers or those of a sensitive nature

  • For Health Professionals. This is divided into modules so that you can choose to play only those of specific interest to your group.

To obtain DVD copies of these please contact the office on 08 9227 4237 or email

They will generally be provided free of charge.

BROCHURES - to download

Fighting Meningococcal Disease - Aimed at parents and the general community

2018 What Every Parent Should Know - Aimed at parents of younger children - 0 - 5 age group in particular

Meningococcal Poster - To display at schools, workplaces community centres, health centres etc

Symptom Card - Magnetic card for display of Meningococcal disease symptoms

Teacher packs - downloadable. Please feel free to adjust suggested age groups to suit the maturity level of your group.

Kiddy Canter (see separate section) lessons & Primary Hygiene Lessons - years 1 to 4 are provided for teachers to run in-house.  We can provide Health Promotion Officers to run incursions for primary years 5 & 6 and secondary years  7 to 12.

Ring our Education Manager on 0433 615 656 or email Email Education Manager

Primary - Years 1 to 4

Hygiene Lesson Plan Years 1 to 4

Hygeine Powerpoint Years 1 to 4

Colouring Sheet Years 1 to 4

Worksheet Years 1 to 4

Primary - Years 5 & 6

Lesson Plan Year 5 & 6

Powerpoint Presentation Year 5 & 6

Crossword Year 5 & 6

Horse Maze Year 5 & 6

Basil Bad Bug Year 5 & 6

Secondary - Years 7 to 12

AYF_Lesson_Plan_Secondary_School revised AUG 2019

AYF_Powerpoint_Secondary_Schl revised 2020

If the link shows an "error" the PowerPoint will still work. Click on the blue "Download" button and select "direct download" to proceed to the presentation.

You can use the link below for the full video:

youtube video