Australian University Championships : Amanda Young Rose Bowl – Overall Women’s Championship

The Australian University Games web site provides the following information on this trophy:
"Amanda Young was a member of the University of Western Australia Women's Eight crew. She competed at the 1997 Australian University Championship for Rowing in Penrith (hosted by UNSW). The day after the end of the Championship, one of the UNSW girls became ill with meningococcal sepsis (A deadly type of infection that poisons the blood. It is spread through mouth-to-mouth transmission).
Some of the rowers at the AUC were notified and were vaccinated against the disease. A week later Amanda contracted a severe case of meningococcal, and tragically she died less than 24 hours later, aged only 18. She had competed at the WA State Championships only the day before her death.
Murray Clarke (1997 AUC Convenor) commissioned this trophy to be named in Amanda's honour, and the University of NSW and the University of Western Australia donated the trophy in 1998."


Year       Winner
2016        Melbourne University
2015        Melbourne University
2014        Sydney University
2013        Melbourne University
2012        Sydney University
2011        Melbourne University
2010       Sydney University

Barry and Lorraine present the award to the Sydney Uni Rowing Team 2010










2009       Sydney University
2008       Melbourne University

2008 Rowing Cup winners Melbourne University







2007       Sydney University
2006       Melbourne University
2005       Sydney University
2004       Melbourne University
2003       Sydney University
2002       Sydney University
2001       Sydney University
2000       Melbourne University
1999       University of Technology - Sydney
1998       Melbourne University