Murdoch University Awards

The Amanda Young Leadership Prize awarded to the graduating student who has exhibited the best combination of leadership, academic performance and potential for contribution to the environment.

2020      Amy Carmignani

2019       Emma Marsh

2018       Dallas Campbell






2017      Tarryn Coward









2016      Erin Chen

2015      Danielle Bandt

2014      Carol Godwin

2013    Rhianna Pezzaniti






2012    Siobhan Jennings and Jane Woodroof (joint winners)

2011    Emily Pinkus






2010   Emma Bryce

2009    Alison Prior






2008   Casey Skalski







The Amanda Young Study Award for the greatest academic improvement  from ENV 102 Introduction to Environmental Science to ENV268 ECOLOGY.

2018   Chelsey Herbert






2017     Jessica Jury









2016      Georgia Gilles

2015      Bianca Connop

2014      Sally Ross and Monthat Suwannakarn (joint winners)

2013      Isaac Tancred






2012      Karis Tingey and Liam Harte  (joint winners)

2011      Elliot Lee

2010      Angelica Hang

2009      Anthony Pansini






2008      Jeannine Pinnimont